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Mary Poppins
Stage Crew | Prince Edward Theatre


Moulin Rouge
Flyman & Deputy | Piccadilly Theatre


Pen Island
Writer & Director | Workshopping

Pen Island follows the story of five characters; Hannah, Jesse, Sam, Melly and Dee as they get ready to go out. During the obligatory trying and sharing of outfits is the new-normal of sharing opinions. The girls begin to discuss current and daily struggles that they are going through – whilst of course continuing to drink and do each-others hair in the process.

As we listen and watch the natural interactions between these characters, we see which ‘box’ they fall into. The out-going one. The maternal one. The experienced one. The day dreamer and the bitch. What begins to show are the key characteristics that make-up these girls. During the time they get ready, we slowly see that the all the girls are wearing the same trousers....

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Only Fools & Horses
Deputy Stage | Theatre Royal Haymarket


Les Misérables
Stage & LX | Sondheim Theatre

Tomorrow At Noon
Writing Competition | Jermyn Street Theatre

‘Still to Come’ follows the first day of Dr. Emily, a newly graduated medical student out on her first placement in a tight-nit village clinic in the West Midlands of England. When her ex-fiancé shows up mid way through a consultation the informality and clientele of this clinic begin to unfold. 

See below for extracted pages and synopsis.

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